Mick’s extensive knowledge and experience was shared in a warm and friendly manner. His workshop began with an introduction to the approach. He explained how pluralism looks beyond separate ‘schools of thought’ and concentrates more on the value of shared decision making with the client. He describes it as, ‘a celebration of diversity in therapy’, with an emphasis on the belief that different clients may benefit from different things, at different times. A fresh perspective perhaps and an invitation to challenge ourselves and reflect on our individual approaches and flexibility.

Mick highlights the willingness to be open and really respect the value of the client, as important aspects of pluralism. He talked through the opportunity for encouraging dialogue between client and professional and ‘going beyond’ our intuition, with what the client wants and needs. Details of what dialogue may take place, how the information can be recorded and how the feedback and evidence from the client can be used, was backed up with current research. Peppered with real life examples and a genuine openness to discuss positives and negatives, generated discussions around the topics too. Opportunities to work in pairs and small groups enabled time to reflect and discuss ideas.

Overall, the workshop stimulated potential new ideas for our own practice and ways of working, which may help keep the therapy world authentic, yet still responsive to the ever increasing need to provide evidence.

Cathy Harpham


Out of 28 attendees:
27 felt the presenter’s style and manner was very good – excellent
28 felt the presenter’s knowledge was very good – excellent
24 felt the content of the presentation was very good – excellent
22 felt the discussion/Q&A was very good – excellent

What have you gained from the workshop?

  • To work more systematically in terms of choice and feedback with client. Not that I wasn’t doing it but feel that a more systematic approach ensures I can say that I do.
  • Positive outcome of finding out what the client thinks about the counselling- e.g. via filling in the forms
  • Feel like this is something I can develop into my practice and really benefited from conversations about this increased my awareness of my own practice.
  • Knowledge about what it means to work in a pluralistic approach and confidence in working in this way.
  • Good understanding of pluralistic approach, how to use the forms in sessions, given me some reflection about how I practice and my approach.
  • More knowledge and techniques to work with my clients.
  • Learnt a lot more about the pluralistic approach and measures that I’m sure will come in useful in my own practice.
  • Lots of ideas which I want to consider how to implement.
  • Love the approach
  • Validation of my own approach and the way I use person centred therapy. Good to put a name to it!
  • An enormous amount to think about in setting up private practice.
  • More understanding re: pluralistic theories and practice and uses of various forms to improve therapeutic practice.
  • An approach that I can use to meet the needs of each different client. Very valuable to map out what I can offer clients as it highlighted different approaches I already use and pluralistic approach suits my way of being. Thank you.
  • Permission to be more relaxed about PCC and be more responsive to client’s needs.
  • Looked at my practice. Always good idea. Thank you.
  • Knowledge, tools for use for future, inspiration.
  • More of an openness to using forms and more of a flexibility around collaborative working and meta-communication.
  • A very thorough overview of pluralistic approach and some practice guidance about how it relates to my current practice in future.
  • Information about assessment


Any other comments?

“A good reflective day and just having one thing that updates my work positively is always a good thing.”
“I enjoyed Mick’s honesty regarding the PCA and the importance he feels about evidencing our work. Thank you!”
“Thank you for organising this excellent and informative workshop. Really enjoyed it and learned a great deal.”
“Wonderful lunch. Refreshing to see salad and fruit and not all wheat. Well organised. Thank you- informative day. Mick is knowledgeable and kept me engaged.”
“Great to have such an eminent speaker ‘up north’. Thank you for organising.”
“Thank you for arranging such a high-quality workshop.”
“Very interesting”
“Really useful day- thank you.”