Georgia is a Coach with over 15 years experience of providing coaching, supervision and training. Her work now is mainly with organisations supporting the workforce and management to ensure smooth operational processes.

She travels around the world delivering training and working within organisations and enjoys the challenge of negotiating the ‘three way contract’

Coach – Organisation – Client

She began the evening by asking us to define counselling and then consider the definition of coaching.

Coaching is ‘simply a conversation’ – with a purpose, a focus and a structure:

  • a leadership tool
  • a way of delegating and developing people
  • influencing skills with colleagues
  • a pre-arranged, formal coaching session

Georgia described coaching as – helping someone work out for themselves how to get from A to B.

Guiding, challenging and supporting someone to take positive action.
She then described what coaching is not – open ended, two way, unfocused, unboundaried, a chance to moan/set the world to rights or a pleasant chat.
Interestingly, there are similarities to both professions i.e:

  • boundaries (contracting)
  • person centred (Roger’s core conditions)
  • importance of the relationship
  • structured – format, frequency, location
  • self awareness and reflection

Georgia was clear to explain that not all coaches work in the same way and that she, in particular, uses a more humanistic approach to working with clients which suits her
personality and how she values people.

A major difference from counselling is that as a profession, coaches do not need to undertake any qualifications, there is no accreditation process or supervision
requirements. This will appear alien and maybe quite concerning to professional counsellors who are bound by the BACP Ethical Framework with regular CPD and outlined
supervision requirements.

However, in 2010, BACP established a Coaching Division which states their mission as:

– ‘promoting ethical, effective and professional coaching for the wellbeing and enhancement of individuals and organisations’

These core values are congruent with the Ethical Framework. The Division highlights CPD opportunities, provides information regarding training and network group meetings for the
benefit of coaches.

If anyone is interested to consider coaching as another ‘string to their bow’ then it would be useful to take a look on the BACP website for more information and

Georgia’s enthusiasm for the coaching field was evident in how she delivered the evening and engaged with the group which left most people having a sense of wanting to learn

For further information please check her website :

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Hazel Wilcock