This was such an interesting talk which went ahead despite a number of competing factors which we were unable to foresee – you may still remember that the weather was amazingly sunny & hot in June; there were 3 major road
traffic accidents; and, perhaps, England we’re playing Belgium in the World Cup (I have to admit I wouldn’t have gone if there was anyone else to cover the door).

Perinatal Mental Health is a very specific area but does impact a lot of women and Julia shared some really interesting facts from research into mental health problems in women around the time of pregnancy, birth and the months
following. It’s becoming more understood but remains an area that isn’t recognised enough by the medical profession and those affected still find it difficult to talk about as it’s so juxtaposed to how they should be feeling so
reaches deep levels of guilt and shame. It not only affects the mother but, as we all know from attachment issues, also affects the unborn/born baby and can in the long run cost the NHS millions to support over the lives of both and yet, as is all too often the case, there isn’t enough support available especially for the lower level cases.

Julia presented the issues really well and sensitively giving a really good introduction to this area and was able to share from experience of being privileged to work in this area. I personally found it far more interesting &
relevant than I had expected. Unfortunately, but understandably, not many people made it that night so I think it would be a really good talk for CNW to run again at some point to open it up to those who may not initially think it is relevant but the impact of this can still be running years later with the mother or the impact on the father or children (young or old).

Jenny Edwards