Meeting 23 September 2014

Geoff appraised the audience with his journey along the counselling world, starting in a spiritual direction in 1996, working as part of a Mental Health Team within the primary care team for a GP in Middleton. In 2002 Geoff moved on to specialising in trauma work and set up in private practice.

Explaining how to recognise trauma, the discovery of the phenomena of the trauma memory from the EMDR perspective, the advantages and difficulties of working in this way. 14000 people at any one time could be suffering from PTSD and over 13 month period Geoff had 440 sessions, including the initial session, this number related to an average of 3.19 sessions per person. Most of the referrals were from
those suffering Anxiety/Loss/GAD7 (General) scoring over 33 on the PTSD scale.

Questions we ask ourselves when working with trauma are, Is this person triggered by something? What painful/ emotional material is triggered and where is the trigger? Using the EMDR we wouldn’t need to go into detail and the sometimes lengthy history of events that cause the mental health stress and anxiety. EMDR, has similarities to dreaming and enables the brain to neutralise the trauma.

In 2007 Geoff studied the CBT model at Salford University and went on to use a simplified model of the thought record and this for him confirmed the old saying “the clients you get are the ones you deserve and need”.

After using the skills he had learnt along his journey he asked himself, why manage anxiety or depression when rapid eye movement, as in sleep, can remove a mental health problem and it has been proven that Fibromialgia sufferers can also be helped by using EMDR techniques.

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Yvonne Davies