An excellent speakers meeting by George Brooks who gave us a very clear understanding of the development of EFT, a theoretical overview, the growing research/evidence so far, along with an amazing practical demonstration of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) in which all attendees joined in to engage in both direct and what’s termed the ‘Borrowing Benefits’ of EFT.

Descriptions of EFT were provided, “EFT or Tapping as it is often known, is a powerful, easy to learn and apply, self-help technique from the field of Energy Psychology” and “EFT uses elements of Cognitive Therapy and Exposure Therapy and combines them with Acupressure in the form of fingertip tapping on specific acupuncture points.” He explained how EFT is an incredibly empowering tool, useful in therapeutic approaches, that is simple at one level but incredibly powerful with the beauty that people can continue to use it themselves well beyond therapy.

Explaining how EFT works, he shared that “nobody knows the answer with certainty but we have some very good ideas about what is going on in the brain. It is known that EFT activates the arousal in the amygdala and delta waves frequency in the brain.” The EFT Discovery Statement states “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system” and explained that EFT can be used with both feelings/emotions and medically unexplained pain. He also explained that this technique is safe to use on both adults and children along with some examples of client transformations through EFT.

As a whole group, we were shown the key tapping points & then were asked to try this technique by each of us thinking of something/a situation that caused some level of uncomfortable feeling and then rate that from 0-10 in intensity. We then followed the tapping routine with this in mind, following George’s wording. Some positive results were reported with the level of the feeling reducing a number of levels down if not to 0. Following this, a volunteer offered to work with him for a demonstration in front of the group to see if EFT could help the issue they’d identified.

Along with the volunteer the whole group continued to join in the tapping (borrowing benefits) following the words George had elicited from the issue of the volunteer. Amazingly, after a couple of rounds of tapping her issue had reduced substantially.

EFT can be used for many issues including anxiety, phobias, pain, & stress. George explained it can be extremely useful when you become ‘stuck’ in therapy – where talking and thinking don’t seem to be helping.

George gave further resources and recommended reading which are detailed below. Many of the group were interested in further training and George explained there were 3 levels you could pursue if interested. He provides training but was also happy to recommend or substantiate any training/practitioners that people found for themselves. – George Brooks Counselling & Training Website – Gary Craig (creator of EFT) website for official EFT – Learn EFT for free from the largest EFT site on the web – largest professional EFT Association worldwide. Founded 1999 – Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Recommended reading: The Healing Power of EFT & Energy Psychology EFT
Manual by David Feinstein

Report by Jenny Edwards