Presented by Zoe Lodrick

Zoe’s enthusiastic presentation style enabled her to provided a depth of knowledge on the impact of interpersonal psychological trauma. This knowledge initially related to the effect on the young person’s brain development and how this may, in later life, impact negatively on their current and future relationships (including social and work relationships) and life chances.

Zoe’s presentation was liberally peppered with examples of the negative experiences in the individual’s life which attendees at the workshop where able to professionally relate to.

Case illustrations generated useful, lively and appropriate discussion from the audience. These related to how the trauma may be perceived by:

a. the legal professional, and
b. the potential impact on the therapeutic relationship in terms of for e.g. attachment and splitting.

Overall the training was useful and relevant to any professional involved with clients who have/may be experiencing traumatic experiences.

Jeanette Fegan