Maria Hammond – 11th October 2017

Maria has a lovely informal style and shared with us her background in pain management with a holistic view that recognises trapped emotional pain. This stems from her own experience of pain and, in particular, how much journaling helped her long – standing unexplained pain.
Maria explained the benefits of journaling and went through various styles and options that could be used and the importance of how it’s ended with a reframe to include understanding, compassion & forgiveness. She also discussed the importance of the journaling being private with discarding being part of the process. Maria then invited attendees to join in with some journaling for ourselves and then share their experiences of the exercise with some powerful responses in the short time given to the exercise.
Maria was very open to questions and answers throughout the session and some questions linked back to her previous presentation and where journaling fit within the tools to help with trapped emotional pain.
Jenny Edwards

Feedback from the evening showed that 90% of attendees felt the overall presentation was very good – excellent with 10% giving a ‘fair’ rating.

Comments from the evening included:

“What a fantastic session. Thank you so much!”
“Maybe a related article e.g. how to enhance your journaling. Helpful. Thanks.”
“Maria is doing good work.”
“Would have liked a handout at session. Bit more background on science and history of use of journaling.”
“Excellent and informative. Thank you.”
“Really loved this session.”