Members of CNW

Writing this at the beginning of August 2017, we are looking back on a very ‘eventful’ year for Counselling North West.

We have continued to run all our CPD meetings and have been very pleased to see numbers attending being maintained. Workshops have also been very successful. We have managed a change of venue to Bury training centre for CPD meetings due to the rise in numbers and difficulties with parking at the Friend’s Meeting House in Eccles. The move has been mainly successful judging by the numbers attending, although we are still aware that the change in venue was inevitably problematic for some.

Unfortunately we now face another change as Bury Training Centre is being closed. We learned this a few weeks ago and committee members have once again been busy viewing different venues. Details of the new venue are being posted in this newsletter and on the website.

Reflecting on the year that I have been Chair it is overshadowed by the recent death of our membership secretary, Pat Howard. Pat had been involved with Counselling North West since the beginning, as evidenced by her membership number of 44! (We have recently accepted our 1000th member)

As many will remember (myself included) Pat was always the smiling and welcoming face of CNW at the door. She welcomed new members and ‘old’ with her own natural warmth. Her husband, Tony Howard, is also known to members and has been the treasurer for CNW for many years. Keeping a sharp eye on the finances is essential to the success of CNW and Tony has always carried out that role with great efficiency. He is continuing to do so at present and has the support of all the committee.

So Counselling North West has had a year of change and one punctuated by loss, but in the tradition of ‘the show must go on’ we look forward to this September and the start of a new programme of events.

We now have a new Chair- Peter Jenkins and I would like to wish him well. I would also like to thank all the committee for their hard work over the past year. Without their work there simply would not be any events for people to attend and CNW is a great asset to the counsellors in this area, and one that I hope will continue for many years to come.

Warm wishes

Pauline Summers