Dear Members,

I hope you are well and have managed to take a break of some sort from your counselling and other commitments, and feeling refreshed and ready to join us in our ongoing programme of CPD activities over the coming period? It is that time of year again, when we dust off our winter clothes and renew our CNW membership for the coming year.

There have been some changes on the committee, with something of a Cabinet re-shuffle, as committee members have shifted roles and taken on new responsibilities. We are always looking for new committee members, so do buttonhole one of us at the next meeting if you are at all interested in joining us and taking part in what we do.

My first job as the new Chair is, unfortunately, to acknowledge the sad and untimely loss of Pat Howard, who was a stalwart member of the committee and, in many ways, the very public face of the group for many years, meeting and greeting members, usually with a hug and a warm smile. Our sad condolences go to her husband, Tony Howard, who continues to play a vital role for the committee, as its financial backbone and Treasurer.

The other message will probably be apparent from the content of this Newsletter – CNW is on the move again, and will be moving its venue to another site, namely Beacon in Salford. We apologise to all members who will be struggling with satnavs or public transport to find yet another site. However, this change has been forced on us by the closure of the Seedfield site at Bury, which was, in other ways, proving to be a good replacement for Friends Meeting House at Eccles. Finding a venue which is flexible, available, provides appropriate access, refreshments and safe parking has been a continuing headache for CNW. Jenny Edwards has taken the lead in sourcing new venues, for which many thanks.

In terms of the new programme, Urooj Khan has been tireless, as always, in finding engaging speakers for future events. Other committee members continue to work hard behind the scenes, making CNW the well-oiled and efficient organisation that we have all come to expect. Tracy McCadden acts as general secretary and also produces this newsletter, with Jennifer Pennington ably managing social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Frances Owen continues her longstanding and valued association with CNW, while Pauline Summers has stepped down from being Chair, but continues to play an active role within CNW, as does Hazel Wilcock. My thanks to all committee members for their hard work in the past and over the coming year.
We look forward to seeing you again at one of our events in the near future – do keep an eye out for a very large (but safe and inert!) spider as you come into Beacon.

Best wishes,

Peter Jenkins