I am pleased to be writing this editions letter, as I gaze through my window at what is a lovely spring day. The sun is shining, birds are singing and flowers begin to bloom and dance in the breeze. For several moments my trials and tribulations are lifted from conscious awareness and my thoughts drift into a daydream as I follow a starling happily bob along the fence; he himself at one with the environment.

Suddenly his world is shattered by one of my several cats, Austin, who, unlike myself and the starling, has a focussed intent…sadly his liberty and his life are short.
My own transcendence dispatched and I am jolted back to the task of writing this letter to you, with a sombre reminder that whilst spring brings with it joy the human condition does not wane. A mix of emotion fills me, not just because of the scene which unfolded before me or that in the background a Radio news announcer informs me of a hijacking but also a realisation of joy that you, and I, can bring some light into the lives of those whose world may have become covered with shadow.

Austin had no cruel intent and in an alternate ending I could have told you the bird flew away.

Spring and hope, after all, are eternal.

Steve Leach.