This will be my last opportunity to contact you in this specific way as Chair of Counselling NorthWest, I will be ending my tenure of this position in June 2015. This decision has been ‘in the pipeline’ for several months, and I have basically been waiting for the right person to become available.

I believe that the committee have chosen the right person to take over as Chair, and you will all be contacted with the details in the near future.

I have been privileged to be connected with CNW since 2007, and I have enjoyed my time in the Chair. But I sincerely believe that now is the time to hand over to the younger generation of psychotherapists, who have their ideas and vision for the future, and should be given the opportunity to take this on, which I feel can only be to the advantage of our membership (with a little sage wisdom being offered by the more experienced ‘players’ – when appropriate)

I am pleased with the changes that have been implemented during my time as Chair, and I want to document my sincere thanks to every member of the committee who have offered their unstinting help and support at every time of asking.

I will of course still be a member of CNW and look forward to meeting you at our speakers evenings and workshops, and may I also thank everyone who has expressed their support and offered comments and suggestions during this period, I have been so fortunate to have met and worked with people from such a wide spectrum of our profession – unique memories that I will always treasure. As for myself, I hope my influence has been ‘light but lasting’.

So, as I do not believe in drawn out farewells I will say ‘goodbye and see you soon’.

Alan Corbett