Welcome to 2015, may we hope it will be another interesting and popular one for all members, both in your own practice and personal development and your involvement and interaction with Counselling NorthWest.

For a list of evening meetings and further workshops, see pages 5 & 6 please check out our website for up to date information:


We are continuing to look into using electronic means of members paying their subscription; the current situation is outlined on page 17 of this newsletter.

Following the feedback from Barbara Rosenthal’s meeting in November when members were encouraged to take part in a more interactive/discussion format, we are looking to re-introduce this style of meeting where appropriate, your comments would as always be appreciated.

I would also like to bring to your attention, the ongoing need for a little help on our committee. This has been a recurring theme during my time as Chair, but time and tide
wait for no one, and new ideas and methods of providing the things we do would be welcome at this time. Anyone who would like to consider getting involved can contact any committee member (see list of contacts on page 25) for more information.

I wish you a peaceful and productive year ahead.

Alan Corbett