Dear Members

Well I am guessing that when you read this we will be at the start of 2017 and all the festivities of Xmas will be behind us. So I would like to wish you all the best for 2017.

The last few months have been very active for CNW. We have changed venue and been enjoying some record attendances at our evening CPD meetings. The venue at Bury has proved to be a good one with most people appreciating the good facilities and the amount of parking available. However, we are still searching for other alternatives and will keep assessing other options.

We have an interesting programme organised for the first part of 2017 and we hope that we continue to attract bigger audiences. Word about CNW is getting around even better than before, especially with the work put in behind the scenes by our social media expert, Jennifer Pennington. Thanks are due to her and of course to the other members of the committee who spend their time making sure that events run smoothly and CNW continues to grow.

Thanks also to all of you who support CNW and enjoy the programme. I hope to attend as many events as possible myself, and can be also contacted on

Best wishes
Pauline Summers