A full-day workshop with Clare Walters. 7th March 2015

We started with a short mindfulness meditation, which allowed us to find our own focus and centre for the day ahead.

Clare lost no time in introducing PRP to the group, because of its nature and application it is a process that needs to be experienced as it is happening in order to gain most from it.

The main purpose is to help the client to ‘get out of their head’ and ‘into their body’ to locate the site of the pain, whether it be emotional, psychological or physiological.

Clare normally would encourage the group to break out into triads to experience working with the process, as observer, client and practitioner, but because the group was a little larger than she usually works with this was unfortunately not practical, due specifically to the fact that the emotional energy released by this process can occasionally be powerful and unpredictable, something that Clare is very aware of, and she is aware of being available to supervise the well-being of those using it in practice.

Instead we had volunteers from the group who worked with Clare as practitioner, and who found the experience to be unique to them, later two members of the group gave a supervised demonstration which was supported by Clare.

A very interesting and informative discussion followed in which many viewpoints and suggestions were offered and examined.

The second part of the workshop ‘Focused Mindfulness’ was pushed out a little by the group’s interest in PRP, but we still were able to discuss its fundamental aspects as a group.

This was a very well received workshop, and the obvious enthusiasm and feedback from those attending would suggest that we may see Clare in another guise at some point in the future.