General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
CNW Policy

Under GDPR, we need to inform you of the following:-

  1. What data we collect about you
  2. How the data is stored
  3. Who can view it, and what can they view
  4. Any information that might be shared
  5. We then need your consent to continue to store and use the data for the purposes stated below

1            The Data

When members join CNW, they complete a membership form which records their postal and email addresses and their telephone number(s).

In addition, we ask for (voluntary) information about the sectors they work in and whether they are counsellor, supervisor, trainer, student. We also ask about the topics the member might be interested in.

The data enables us to contact members with information about forthcoming meetings and workshops, whilst using the information on topics of interest to help plan future events.

The data is also used to check whether members are up to date with membership fees when attending evening CPD meetings (for which members have free entry) and workshops, where members can claim a discount on the workshop fee.

We also keep record of visitors who choose not to become members but are happy to attend meetings of interest to them whilst paying a visitor’s fee; we use this information to keep them abreast of future meetings and topics. We only store visitors’ names and email addresses.

2 & 3    Storage and Viewing Permissions

The data is stored on personal computers (protected by up-to-date security software) in conventional, password-protected spreadsheet form by the Membership Secretary and the Treasurer, who are the only members of the committee to view the data. Other members of the committee have sight of names and emails (only) when using the checklist for meeting-and-greeting members at meetings.

4            Sharing of Information

None of the personal information stored on the database is shared with anyone within or outside of CNW, other than the two officers noted above.

5            Consent

Our Membership Application/Renewal Form now includes a Declaration of Consent which new members will be asked to sign and return in either scanned or hard copy form to the Membership Secretary. Renewing members may give their consent by email. For visitors, a separate consent form has been generated for those who would like to remain on the Visitors’ mailing list; this form will be available to sign at all CPD meetings.

At any time, you have the right to see the information held about you and to change any details.

6            Stewardship

The committee member currently responsible for administering the Data Protection policy for CNW is the Membership Secretary – Jenny Edwards.