I find Peter’s book really useful as a constant aid to access sections as needed and a good companion to the BACP Ethical Framework (EF). It covers areas that counselling courses rarely cover or cover in the detail needed. As well as using as a personal reference source this book is great for referencing/discussions in Supervision and peer support groups etc.

Peter explores the very real challenges of the profession & the BACP EF but also covers less discussed areas including for new trainers (but also good to revisit once qualified) ‘Becoming a Member of a New Profession’; ‘Working in Different Organisational Contexts’; ‘Developing New Roles in Counselling & Psychotherapy’; & ‘Surviving & Thriving as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist’.

The rest of the book/chapters explore challenging/difficult issues, the Ethical Framework & respective legislation, record keeping and other challenges/risks within the profession.

The book is peppered with some really useful tables & thought provoking exercises which are great for self reflection or discussion with colleagues. There are also some excellent case examples to help illustrate the issues explored.

Every time I dip into Peter’s book I find some new area to consider & reflect on, helping me to continually review & develop my professional practice. This book alone is plenty enough for day to day issues but for those wishing to delve further into particular areas there are a plethora of references to do so.

Jenny Edwards

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