This was one of our more relaxed meetings thanks to the topic at hand. Iris offered us an informative look at the use of hypnotherapy with clients, beginning by giving us a brief historical overview of its early uses and the variations in its application.

We were taken through the developing theories behind the success of hypnosis techniques through the centuries, from Franz Anton Mesmer in the 18thCentury through to 20th Century lead theorists such as Milton Erikson and Michael Heap.

Hypnosis was recommended as a useful tool for client recovery in a British Medical Association report in 1955 and was approved by Pope Pius II in 1956.

Iris talked us through the process of hypnotherapy, its uses, and how it works via connection with the deepest levels of consciousness, supported by the power of suggestion, to adjust the way clients feel, think, and behave.

The use of relaxation techniques is paramount to the application of hypnotherapy and we were treated to a brief but effective relaxation demonstration, followed by, with the help of a volunteer, a more thorough demonstration of how this can be deepened further still to access a state of consciousness in which the use of suggestion can be effective.

Tracy McCadden