24th November 2016

Barbara has presented discussions and workshops on this subject for CNW in previous years, but on this occasion she wanted those present to discuss and reflect on their own personal thoughts and responses to this highly emotive issue.

There was clearly a varied level of experience from the comments of those present, and the comments offered were both informative and moving.

Agency protocol on action to be taken if suicidal ideation or intent was expressed by the client was discussed, and some honest and revealing views were expressed.

Further varied experiences and advice was offered by therapists working in the voluntary sector, the NHS and those in private practice,

The legal aspects of note taking and retention were explained by Peter Jenkins, this is understandably an ongoing concern for many therapists.

Many contributions were expressed from across the spectrum of experience in the room, from those who had lost clients to suicide, to student counsellors who had worked with this issue and their reactions to it.

Hopefully a rewarding evening for all, I would like to recommend Andrew Reeves’ book Counselling Suicidal Clients (Sage: 2010) for those who would like to research this issue in more detail.

Alan Corbett