Following a previous CPD evening meeting, I thought it would be valuable to examine in a safe environment, our own attitudes and understanding of suicide and how this may impact on our professional therapeutic relationships.

So, how do we feel about the issue of suicide? What do we feel societies’ attitudes are?
The topic of suicide attracts stigma, and taboo is associated with it, attempted suicide is far more common than most of us realise.

In England and Wales, thousands of people are admitted to A&E Departments each year because they have attempted to kill themselves, although most people who attempt suicide, survive, many remain at high risk of taking their own life for some time afterwards This means any suicide attempt, however minor it may seem to be, needs to be taken seriously; sometimes attempting suicide, may feel like the only way to show other people how bad things are. When you feel your ‘back is against the wall’ suicide may appear to be the only way out.

This will be a facilitated discussion, examining personal and social attitudes, and the implications for our work with individuals attempting to make sense of this devastating experience.
It may be really helpful to have a safe space to explore our own attitudes and understanding.