A large proportion of people in England with mental health problems have co-occurring problems with drug or alcohol misuse. Likewise poor mental health is commonplace in people who are dependent on or have problems with drugs and alcohol. And, for many people, mental ill health and substance misuse combine with a range of other needs including poor physical health, insecure housing and offending.

The presentation will focus on a discussion about drugs and alcohol abuse and their influence within a therapeutic setting and explore the different misconceptions within the wider community. We will also look at how drugs and alcohol impact on people’s everyday lives and the benefit of continued support to aid recovery.

Martin Elder

Martin is a Substance Misuse Practitioner who has been working in an NHS trust’s community mental health services for 10 years. He is a trained integrative counsellor and supervisor of counsellors, and has previously been involved in the Talking Therapies Network within the Trust’s Alcohol & Drugs Directorate. During that time he was part of a team developing and delivering
training to practitioners and other professionals. Whilst working as a practitioner, he has developed a keen interest in the link between mental health and substance misuse.