Next Evening CPD meeting:-

Tuesday, 24th September 2019 at 7PM

Meditation can Transform your life

David Waite

After over 40 years practicing a particular type of meditation, I have found it to be remarkably effective for clients too. The presentation will be similar to that which I have routinely offered to meditation groups over the last few years. I use novel methods to convey to lay participants concepts of the theory of the person, psychological pathology and methods of healing.  I will include a brief but sufficient meditation practice for participants to use.

David Waite has a Masters in Counselling Psychology. He has had articles published and presented a paper at a BACP conference and a resolution at the BACP AGM. He works with adults, children, couples, families, and those on the margins of society such as prisoners, sex offenders, torture victims, victims of abuse and addicts. He runs a bimonthly meditation programme to which Trafford Psychological Services and local GPs regularly send patients.  .

Article in Therapy Today, June 2015 – Circle Diagram.

Article in Thresholds, Winter 2014 – It’s God’s Job to do The Ripples.

Article in Thresholds, Spring 2016- The Sound of Silence.

These articles describe the fundamentals of my approach to counselling.

“My book formalises my work. Whilst my methods are emphatically person centred, I have a number of developments. I use a visual aid called Circle Diagram. I offer a particular meditation method.”

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