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A networking group founded and run voluntarily by practising counsellors for those who are interested in practising and encouraging counselling and therapy in the North West.

Counselling Northwest is mainly based around Greater Manchester but has members from much of the North West region. It is a voluntary body run by committee. If you need more information about Counselling Northwest then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Our Next Meetings / Workshops

Our Latest CPD Evening Meetings:

Wednesday 11th October 2017
Journaling as a Therapeutic Tool to resolve health problems
Maria Hammond

The theory behind journaling and its impact on wellbeing is that, by writing about the unexpressed thoughts and feelings from a stressful situation, you are reducing the impact of these stressors on your physical and mental health.
Some benefits in a nutshell:
· Clarify thoughts and express feelings
· Feel better physically and mentally
· Resolve past stressful experiences
· Improve relationships and resolve disagreements
· Learn to understand yourself (and others) better
· Help you examine patterns, thoughts and beliefs that make you feel bad
· Remove creative or expressive blocks
· Improve health
· Lessen and get rid of pain
Maria Hammond coaches and empowers clients with chronic pain how to resolve stress and pain for good using simple therapeutic tools. Therapeutic journaling is one of the main tools she teaches her clients to resolve the psycho-physiological causes of pain. During this talk Maria will explain a few therapeutic journaling techniques, briefly talk about how it works as a form of therapy, and discuss the numerous mental and physical health benefits writing can have.

Latest CPD One-Day Workshops:

Saturday 9th December 2017
Interpersonal Psychological Trauma and Attachment- Zoë Lodrick


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Please note that all Evening Meetings and One Day Workshops will be held at The Beacon Centre 6 London Street, Salford M6 6QT until further notice.

For map, directions and parking to both venues, please navigate to the Find Us page

As always, members are encouraged to suggest topics and speakers for inclusion in our programme. Please contact Urooj Khan with any suggestions.