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A networking group founded and run voluntarily by practising counsellors for those who are interested in practising and encouraging counselling and therapy in the North West.

Counselling Northwest is mainly based around Greater Manchester but has members from much of the North West region. It is a voluntary body run by committee. If you need more information about Counselling Northwest then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Our Next Meetings / Workshops

Our Latest CPD Evening Meetings:

Thursday 28 June 2018

An introduction to Perinatal Counselling with Julia Reissmann

Julia Reissmann is an integrative counsellor working in an NHS Obstetric and Gynaecology department as a counsellor, as well as in private practice. She was previously a midwife.
Statistically, between 10-20% of women experience mental distress in pregnancy or the year after birth, the most common being anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD and postpartum psychosis, with suicide being the leading cause of death for women at this time in their lives. The effect is not just on the woman herself but can also have an effect on the relationship with her baby. Women often feel stigma in disclosing how bad they are feeling because of fears of being seen as a bad mother or even the fear of having their children removed.
Pregnancy and birth are huge life events for women (and men) and are often a time of great change –e.g. employment status, living situation, relationship difficulties, bodily transformations, medical issues as well as the anticipation and experience of birth. Psychologically, it can be challenging making the change from independence and autonomy to having another person inside you or absolutely dependent on you for their existence. This may be especially true if your own experience of parenting was difficult. Issues like anxiety and depression are not specific to this time of life but may look or feel different within pregnancy or having had a baby, but some experiences such as postpartum psychosis are specific to the postnatal period.
Birth itself in recent decades has been taken from the familiar home space, where women would have seen others’ births as part of growing up, to an unfamiliar medical environment where professionals make decisions based on management of risk, which in itself encourages anxiety and feelings of powerlessness. Women can feel traumatised following a difficult birth, especially if they feel they were not listened to or cared for, or if they thought at any point that they might die. Some women who have never been pregnant can feel overwhelmingly fearful or disgusted by pregnancy and birth.
This training will provide knowledge of some of the more common issues that clients present in pregnancy and afterwards and will be an opportunity to learn more about working with them.

Latest CPD One-Day Workshops:

Saturday 30th June 2018

Facilitated by Louie Stafford and Rossella Nicosia


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Please note that all Evening Meetings and One Day Workshops will be held at The Beacon Centre 6 London Street, Salford M6 6QT until further notice.

For map, directions and parking to both venues, please navigate to the Find Us page

As always, members are encouraged to suggest topics and speakers for inclusion in our programme. Please contact Urooj Khan with any suggestions.

We would be very grateful if you could participate in CNW survey (link below) to monitor engagement in the organisation. This helps us reach out to other therapists across the North West and helps us focus on the CPD you would like to see more of, shaping the way we work to provide this. Thank you for your time.


Please Note: It is important to us that we keep our information up to date to ensure we are communicating to all our members effectively. Therefore could we ask any members to provide us with an update email address is this has been changed since providing your details initially – Thank You